How Long Does a Dui Charge Stay on Your Record in Canada?

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Imagine going out to the best party and driving to your home, and suddenly you are getting pulled over by the police because of your impaired driving.

What do you think will happen next? You will be charged for committing DUI and you are going to receive a penalty for that, which can be a visit to jail.

Pretty stressful, right?

However, you can get rid of the charges and return to your old life with an expert lawyer’s help. But before that a question still remains in your mind: how low does a DUI charges stay on your record in Canada?. Also, you have to know the dos and don’ts in this situation.

In the following discussion, you will learn about all that information in detail.

So, keep reading until the end.

What is DUI Under the Canadian Criminal Code?

According to the Criminal Code in Canada, you must avoid driving a car. At the same time, if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, it will be considered a criminal offence If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is more than 80 mg per 100 ml of blood.

Police can determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) using a breathalyzer. If a police officer believes that you have consumed alcohol, they will ask you to use it.

However, you can be charged with committing DUI even if your blood alcohol level is less than the legal limit. They will monitor if you are acting dangerously while alcohol or any other drug influences you.

How Long Does a DUI Charge Stay on Your Record in Canada?

While a first DUI is a misdemeanor, a third DUI conviction will be considered a felony.

A DUI can remain up to 80 years on your driving record, and these charges never get removed automatically. Your driver’s license will be temporarily suspended, but you will eventually get it back.

However, the Ministry of Transportation will still have your DUI record. It can make it challenging for you to find a job where you need to drive. You may even lose many of your rights if you get a DUI. Losing your employment and, in some situations, your rights to child custody or firearm ownership can get at risk.

Can I Prevent a DUI from Going on My Record?

You should speak with an experienced DUI lawyer who can help you in fighting your case of DUI. Your DUI lawyer will analyze the public records that detail the police activities at the time of your arrest so that he can fight your case in the best way.

If you are charged with a DUI, it would be best to consult a highly skilled DUI lawyer to help you fight the charge. Your DUI lawyer will review public records when you were arrested, and he will compare that with your testimony.

They might also persuade the judge to charge the occurrence as a summary conviction rather than a serious offence. However, if you receive a DUI, you must get an expert DUI lawyer who can advise you on the next step to regain your reputation.

What is the Effect of DUI?

DUI stands for driving while you are intoxicated. In some nations, it is also referred to as DWI, which means drunken driving. Both terms express the same idea. Every year, police pull over so many drivers who are found driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

As a result, they face DUI charges. It can significantly affect your driving record and add a criminal record to your driving record.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on it.

DUI Effect on Driving Record

In many places, a DUI conviction appears on your driving record, because of which your driver’s license can get suspended. After a specified amount of time, you can get it back. But the DMV will still have the record.

It can affect your career, especially when you are looking for a driving job. Your car insurance price will also increase dramatically. In that case, the law enforcer holds the right to interrogate you at any time.

DUI Effect on Criminal Record

DUI is considered a crime in so many states. The first DUI conviction in Canada is a misdemeanour, but the third is considered a serious felony. Your name will now have a criminal record, and the outcome of this is far more serious than you might think.

If you have a criminal record, you will have restrictions over many of your rights as a citizen of your country. You could be charged with serious offences when it will be your second time with cops for the same offence. There might also be restrictions on your right to child custody, weapon, employment, and other legal rights.

Can I Get a DUI Pardon?

In Canada, you can ask for a pardon for committing DUI. You can request to get the DUI charges drop from your record if you are not found guilty of it. Ultimately, there won’t be any DUI accusations against your name.

If you are found guilty, you must submit an application for an apology to get the DUI off your record. You won’t have a criminal record if you receive a DUI pardon. All of your rights and privileges will be back to you. However, some authorities may still do a background check on the criminal records.

Even if no one were hurt, you would still need to pay a fee when you are charged with DUI. It would be best if you pay the fine right away. After paying the fine for five years, you can apply for a pardon. The best time to request the pardon procedure is at least 12 to 20 months before the five-year duration ends.

However, regardless of all the other aspects, you must make sure that you are contacting an expert lawyer to go through the entire procedure. Only an expert will know what and how things need to be completed. He will suggest you accordingly, and you can immediately be out of all the charges.

Wrapping Up

You know how DUI can seriously affect your life in Canada. It’s considered a severe offence that can result in jail. So, you must stay careful while driving. You must avoid committing DUI and make others aware of it.

However, if you are convicted of DUI, contact an expert DUI lawyer to get rid of the charges as soon as possible and get back to your old normal life.


Does a DUI Show on a Background Check in Canada?’

Yes, it does. If you are applying for a job and the employers check your background through the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), it will show your DUI conviction. It can make things go wrong when you are trying to get a job, especially a driving job.

Can I Get a Canadian Passport with a DUI Conviction?

Yes, you can. Since a passport proves your citizenship, most of the time, having a DUI/DWI conviction does not prohibit you from applying for a Canadian passport, no matter if your DUI offence was a felony.

Is it possible to prevent a DUI from going on a record?

Yes, it is possible. You can get rid of the acquisition if you were not found guilty, had your charges reduced, or had your case dismissed. This is why it is important to act as fast as possible if you are detained for a DUI.

Does DUI Affect Your Credit Score?

The damage a DUI conviction causes to your credit is just as bad as the damage it does to your car. Even though a DUI won’t appear on your credit report or affect your score immediately, the fines could severely damage your credit.

Can you get a job in Canada if you have a DUI?

There is a possibility of getting rejected because of your criminal history. You will surely be rejected for work if you don’t reveal the DUI conviction and the company finds out about it during a background check. Also, in the case of a driving job, it will badly affect your impression.