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A criminal lawyer defends individuals or organizations facing criminal charges in a court of law. Our primary role is to provide legal representation to their clients. Besides,  we analyze the case, evidence, and witnesses for a powerful defence strategy. We can bargain the sentencing options with their unique knowledge. Ultimately, we aim to secure acquittals, reduced charges, or minimized penalties for our clients, ensuring justice is served, and constitutional rights are upheld.

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We have been in the legal business for over a decade. In this time period, we defended thousands of cases to set our clients free. We believe clients are our own people, so we do not leave them hanging, even in the most complicated times.Swift Current Criminal Lawyers have a large track record of successful cases. We ask the most useful question to reveal your case’s pocket holes. Our intensive inquiry and investigation will keep you confident of winning the case.

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We have consistently showcased our expertise with a team of highly skilled lawyers. We understand each client’s unique circumstances. We prioritize clear and transparent communication, ensuring our clients actively participate in their defence strategies. Our track record has earned us the trust of countless clients. When you choose our agency, you will know how wide our knowledge in criminal case defences is.

Sexual Offence Lawyer in Swift Current

Sexual assault offences involve any form of unwanted sexual approach without consent. Our compassionate criminal lawyers deeply understand the intricacies and sensitivities surrounding these complex matters.

For that, we have been a leading choice to defend sexual assault charges. We utilize a combination of expertise, empathy, and tenacity to build strong defences and pursue the most favorable outcomes

It’s never comfortable to talk about rape or sexual assault, but we work tirelessly to protect the rights of those accused while upholding the dignity and well-being of the alleged victims. 

DUI & Dangerous Driving Offence Lawyer in Swift Current

DUI charges can be misjudged by the factor and amount of drink before getting behind the wheel. Although we advise people to ride without drinks, sometimes good people make mistakes by the influence of others.

At our law agency, we specialize in defending those complex DUI charges. Our experienced team investigates each aspect of the incident to challenge the prosecution. 

We studied all the rules and flaws for blood alcohol concentration to minimize the impact of DUI charges. So we can logically show whether your breathalyzer tests, field sobriety tests are wildly inaccurate.

Domestic Violence Offence Lawyer in Swift Current

Domestic violence can take place in almost any setting, at any point of life. So we specialize in defending domestic criminal charges as well. We provide sensitive defence for domestic violence cases by investigating each situation. 

Our goal is to minimize the consequences of domestic violence charges. We also guide our clients towards the best possible outcome. We help them emotionally like a therapist. 

You can connect with us from the women shelter center or from home. We will give you the most beneficial advocacy to diminish your charges.

Homicide Offence Lawyer in Swift Current

Murder occurs when the accused caused an intentional death. But often the victim comes in the middle of an action, causing his own death. Similarly,

manslaughter occurs when the accused commits an objectively dangerous act to hurt another person.

At our law agency, we provide exceptional defence for individuals facing homicide offence charges. Our experienced team can demonstrate the acts and convince the judge to limit the punishment. We aim for reduced charges, acquittals, or alternative sentencing with guidance from our steadfast commitments.

Theft & Fraud Offence Lawyer in Swift Current

Theft and fraud are almost the same as the main goal is depriving someone of their rightful property. Especially, fraud uses a set of pre planned deception to get the job done, whereas theft relies on perfect opportunity.

We use a number of strategies to defend these sorts of charges. For example: sometimes clients do not intend to take the property, yet they take it by mistakenly thinking theirs. 

We gather all the documents, evidence, and probable concepts to make these cases reasonable.

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