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We Have Over 60 Years Of Combined Experience In Criminal Defence, Litigation and Appeals.

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Criminal Lawyers in Saskatchewan have vast experience at all levels of court and have a proven track record of success.

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Our team of experienced criminal defence attorneys in Saskatchewan have successfully handled all serious criminal and drug charges.

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We have the experience of defending criminal charges by litigating all aspects with perfect care.


We are experienced criminal lawyers in Saskatchewan,  have appeared at all levels of courts & successfully defended criminal charges involving Assault, Sexual Assault, Firearms and Weapons, Domestic Violence, DUI & Impaired Driving.


Many cases must go to trial and you need a competent trial lawyer.  We are experienced litigators and have experience with all aspects of litigation including legal research for pretrial motions, Charter applications, bail review applications and appeals.


Some of our clients have never faced criminal charges before, while others may face more severe consequences due to previous criminal records.  We are sympathetic to your individual situation and circumstances, and care about our clients and their future.

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Our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Saskatchewan provide competent legal representation at every stage of the criminal justice process and navigate you through complex criminal law issues.

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Good guy, realistic and lets you know what to expect, no BS lawyer and actually answers his phone/calls back if he’s busy, definitely recommend him!
Very professional and cooperative. Highly knowledgeable. Will always do best for his client. I strongly recommend him if anyone need legal assistance.
definitely a great person, I'm not even in Canada and he was ready to help my mother and I help my brother whose in Canada by his self. Fast reply and willing to help, thank you for replying when we needed it.

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